A different kind of history..

The ”U30+” Association emerged from the desire of the four founding members of the Association – Oana, Mihaela, Olimpia and Oana – to continue to work together, not as representatives of the partners in projects, but building together a common space, which will bring a ”+” of education to children, youths and adults and through them, to communities, thanks to a professional approach to the educational process. The education we believe in promotes traditional and national values, as well as European values, develops individuals, without developing individualities, but rather communities, relying on creativity, accountability and action. The need to found the ”U30+” Association arose simply: each of the four founding members has valuable experience in developing projects for children, youths and adults, accompanied by the capacity to set people and ideas into motion, and thereby, projects. And thanks to the frequent meetings where the discussions centered ”on education” from the perspective of the Professor (Oana), teacher and headmaster in secondary education (Mihaela), trainers of youths and adults (Olimpia, Oana, Mihaela, Oana), promoters and organizers of all kinds of non-formal activities (Olimpia, Oana, Mihaela, Oana), parents of younger or older children, or ”the beneficiary of educational services” of all kinds in society (so void of meaning in the increasingly standardized landscape and deadly for the creativity and autonomy of children, youths and teachers), we understood that we can offer an alternative to what school, family, community, society regards as suitable for providing A DIFFERENT KIND of EDUCATION.