A different kind of Mission…

The ‘U30+’ Association’s mission is educating children, youths and adults in order for them to develop abilities and competencies which are key to adopting and practicing responsible, professional and social, individual and group behaviors, which can lead to personal development and the development of sustainable and inclusive communities.

The ‘U30+’ Association provides activities – learning experiences in which children, youths and adults are consciously and actively involved and which value the personal and/or professional life experience of the organizers or of those who suggest activities, as well as that of the participants.

The non-formal educational activities which are aimed at developing skills and key competencies, as well as teaching children, youths and adults responsible behaviors, are organized and developed by the ‘U30+’ Association as: courses, seminars, conferences, symposia, exhibitions, workshops, campaigns, documentation trips, contests, summer schools, within local, regional, national or international partnerships.

The activities which are designed to develop individuals and sustainable competitive communities involve experts, specialists, cultural and scientific authorities from the country and abroad, as well as volunteers of the organization, external volunteers, in a joint effort to provide a different kind of education: the education for values and for developing together – individual, community and society, by encouraging participation and creativity. We envision to have all the activities described above as planned and implemented within different international and national projects and programs.