International Youth Exchange: Flipped Classroom „Learning to Fly”

Recently U30+ organization has been accepted for partnering in an Erasmus KA1 project, „Flipped Classroom: learning to fly”, leaded by Promotora de Iniciativas Association, Canary Islands, Spain.
This project is a multilateral youth exchange, to be held in 2017 in Gran Canaria. We will be taking part in youth groups from various EU countries, Turkey and Russia. We will have participants between the ages of 18 and 25 who will participate in the activities related to the theme „New innovative curriculum /educational method / development of training courses”, which cross-consciously include European awareness, inclusion and disadvantaged groups, with a specific focus to disability.

The general objective of the project is that of ensuring that various stakeholders linked to the project (direct and indirect participants, public organizations and institutions and their representatives) turn the formal learning model through the Flipped Classroom technique by incorporating elements of non-formal learning with a focus on the Theory of Intelligences Multiple-oriented employability.

This project also has cross-cutting objectives:
– This project creates awareness about other cultures through the vision we will have of the
particular situations in each country in different senses: formal education and continuous
training, but also citizenship and participation, historical heritage and idiosyncrasy, immigration,
public resources. For this reason, both the workshops and the intercultural evenings and the
informal meetings that we will have are one aspect of this objective.
– This project promotes dialogue and intercultural encounters between young people of different
backgrounds and cultures since part of the activities are activities based on teamwork in small
groups of mixed composition (in gender and nationality), where participants will discuss each
Moment with an intense exchange of ideas and experiences, we will learn from each other.
Even this intercultural sense will be kept in the rooms, since each room will be represented by
all countries, giving rise to a more intense dialogue during informal moments (morning,
afternoon, during dinner, etc.).
– This project fosters tolerance and understanding of diversity through activities where
participants will be able to compare our values, culture, traditions and customs with those of
other nations (intercultural evenings, work in mixed groups and knowledge of migratory
– The project presented here fosters the feeling of European citizenship between us and helps
us to understand the problems and social and cultural characteristics common to all of Europe.
– This project also reflects a common concern of European society, such as the fight against
racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism. In this sense, we understand that our actions are aimed
at presenting and reflecting on our own values, our culture and traditions (for example,
intercultural afternoons) to create a space where young people understand and compare the
differences and similarities of our peoples, as well as The wealth derived from educational
processes in each area.
– The theme of the project is related to European issues and EU action in the areas that affect
us young people, with a particular focus on life skills training.

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